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  • RGcomplete is a super-concentrated microalgal-based premium quality feed and enrichment for rotifers and other filter-feeding invertebrates.
  • It has been sized especially for Breeders, Aquarists, and Propagators and includes both a pH buffer and ClorAM-X(ammonia neutralizer).
  • It has a long refrigerated shelf life of at least 6 months.
  • refrigerated, not frozen
  • Includes ClorAM-X(ammonia control and a pH buffer)
  • Clean, high yield rotifer feed
  • Maximizes levels of DHA, EPA and ARA
  • Stand-alone feed or in combination with one of our enrichment products
  • Suitable for a wide range of zooplankton
  • Fully intact cells
  • Cell size range 1.5 - 12 µm
  • Rotifer Culture Directions (100 - 250 rotifers per mL)