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Fuzzy-Phytes are a small live red macro alga (Acrochaetium) with very fine filamentous branches. Their nutritional value is similar to other red algae.

Fish Love Them!

Fuzzy-Phytes are free floating and drift around in your aquarium, attracting the attention of your fish. Fish love to chase them!

Easy to Digest

Fuzzy-Phytes are very delicate, making them very easy to consume and digest. There is no waste with Fuzzy-Phytes. They can entice even the most finicky of herbivores and planktivores to eat, thus helping them over the acclimation hurdle. Also, because Fuzzy-Phytes need a very high level of nitrates and phosphates to grow, so there is very little chance they will grow in your tank..

  • Fresh Veggies For Your Fish
  • Fish Love To Chase and Eat Them
  • Easily Digested
  • No Waste or Fouling of Your Tank