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Macro-Feast is a fine branched live red macro algae (Gracilaria pacifica) that is one of the best live feeds for herbivorous fishes.

Fish Love It!

Hard to feed Tangs, Moorish Idols and Angels, simply love this algae, and its presence will help the feeding response of most other finicky fish as well.

Specially Optimized

Aquacultured by Reed Mariculture, the Gracilaria pacifica in Macro-Feast has been specially optimized by scientists at Reed Mariculture for ultra-fine, easily digestible branches, making them especially easy to consume and digest. It is a vast improvement over "substitute algae" such as raw lettuce and spinach which are acidic in nature and freshwater in composition and lacking in the necessary salts and minerals that fish require.

  • Excellent Feed for Tangs, Butterfly Fish, Angelfish, Rabbit Fish, Crabs, Snails and Sea Hares
  • Specially Engineered Strain of Gracilaria pacifica
  • A Dense Cluster With Thin Branches In Each Half Pint Container
  • All Parts Edible - No Stems or Waste Behind
  • One Container Will Feed a 100 Gallon Tank For a Week