Brand: Pacific Sun
Product Code: Kore 5TH Pro
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- 5 quiet and accurate dosing pumps with adjustable flow

- 3 modes: fast flow, moderate flow and precise flow allow for single 0.2ml (0.1ml accuracy using Pharmed BPT tubing)

- Single dose from 0.1ml to 1500ml - up to 24 doses/day

- Wirelessly controlled (for PC, Mac and Android)

- Different tubing for fast flow (up to 80ml/min) and precise dosing (20ml/min precision flow rate)

- Ability to assaign labels for each pump (eg. Ca, Mg, Kh, etc)

- Alarm for low-level dosing fluid (and indicator of remaining fluid)

- Alarm to instruct user to replace peristaltic tubing

- Precision pump calibration program (for 10ml and 50ml samples)

- Built-in ATO (automatic top-off) system with 300l/h, 2m head DC pump (adjustable speed) included. The remote ATO/pump connects to the rear panel.

- 2 water level float sensors (with an additional optic sensor for the Pro unit)

- Alarm for refill malfunction

- Temperature sensor (0.1 degree accuracy) with audible alarm for high and low temperature (customizable)

- Blue back-lit LCD display (can be turned off/on)

- Battery backup - Clock and user settings are saved if power is interrupted

- Single AC/DC power adapter

- Uses high quality PharMed/Viton/Silicon tubing in each pump head with different ID diameter

- Long motor life

- Quiet "non-gearbox" operation