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BASE Elementz – The basic care for your reef

The BASE ELEMENTZ have been developed to deliver vital macro and trace elements to most reef tanks. They not only supply corals, also the algae's in the refugium and supply therefore also the filtration in the TRITON method. Through the healthy algae, the tank is provided with amino acids, secondary plant extracts, enzymes, plankton etc. in a natural way. Enormous coral growth, nice and healthy polyp extension and sharp colour intension is the result and this in an easy and reasonable manner.
We recommend an initial water analysis to prepare your aquarium for care using the TRITON method. Based on the laboratory results, the diversity of species and the population of your reef, we offer you the 'status quo' – a mix of materials composed specifically for your aquarium, which is added to your tank on a one-time basis. Adding the 'status quo' balances dosage shortfalls in your tank and allows your water to mirror the quality of seawater as closely as possible.
Steps 2 and 3 follow to ensure long-term consistency of this water quality.

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