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6ft x 3ft x 27" Hoodless Tank
6ft x 3ft x 27" Hoodless Tank ..
An Aquatic Dreamscape
An Aquatic Dreamscape – Natural underwater landscape that bewitches the viewer and is derived from l..
An Aquatic Dreamscape – Accumulation of beautiful stones for a mountain scene - Check out our pla..
8ft by 3ft by 3ft Tank
An 8 footer tank with a 11ft cabinet (floor to ceiling) with 8x Triton Lani   ..
Divider Planted Tank
Divider Planted Tank ..
Forest Clearing
An Aquatic Dreamscape – A Little Forest Clearing - Check out our planted tank gallery! ..
Kitchen Top Divider Tank
Kitchen Top Divider Tank ..
Luxus Hill Mirror Tank
Luxus Hill Mirror Tank ..
General Specifications   Slim & Elegant – Built with a slim and low profile body, t..
Mt Faber wall tank
Wall mounted tank in Jewel Box restaurant at Mount Faber ..