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Prodibio BioClean
Prodibio BioClean • Natural aquarium cleaner with live bacteria and microelements • A combinat..
Prodibio BioDigest
Prodibio Biodigest   • Made up of natural nitrifying, nitrate reducing and faclutive bact..
Prodibio Biokit Reef
Prodibio Biokit Reef   • Combines all prodibio reef aquarium ( Biodigest,Bioptim, Reef-Bo..
Prodibio Bioptim
Prodibio Bioptim   • Optimize biological filtration to ensure improved water quality •..
Prodibio Iodi+
Prodibio Iodi+   • Provides the iodine needed for coral development and colouring • Co..
Prodibio Strontium+
Prodibio Strontium   • Provides the strontium needed and stimulates growth of hard corals..