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Aegis Flakes 15g
AEGIS FLAKES Aegis Flakes provides all the dietary essentials that a fish need. Characteristic..
Algae Flakes 15g
ALGAE FLAKES  Algae Flakes are composed of selected algaes along with natural ingredients to b..
Algae Pellets 120g
ALGAE PELLETS  Algae Pellets provide a well-balanced diet for herbivorous marine species. &..
Catfish Pellets 120g
CATFISH PELLETS  Catfish Pellets is a nutritious daily diet for all bottom feeding catfish. ..
Cichlid  Pellets 120g ( Rift Lake Green )
CICHLID PELLETS (Rift Lake Green)  Cichlid Pellets (RLG) are formulated with dried seaweed mea..
Cichlid Pellets 120g ( Central / South American )
CICHLID PELLETS (Central/South American)  Cichlid Pellet (C/SA) is formulated to meet the nutr..
Cichlid Pellets 120g ( Rift Lake Red )
CICHLID PELLETS (Rift Lake Red) Cichlid Pellets (RLR) is formulated to satisfy the cravings of pred..
Goldfish Flakes 15g
GOLDFISH FLAKES  Goldfish Flakes designed to provide the perfect balanced diet for all goldfis..
Goldfish Pellets 120g
GOLDFISH PELLETS  Goldfish Pellets are designed to be used where feeding from the surface is n..
Marine Flakes 15g
MARINE FLAKES  Marine Flakes is a standard technical feed that incorporates New Era’s expert k..
Marine Grazer 110g
MARINE GRAZER  Marine Grazer is a new concept in feeding reef fish. Characteristics &nb..
Marine Pellet 120g
MARINE PELLETS  Marine Pellets tailored to meet the nutritional demands of coral reef fishes..
Plec Pellets 120
PLEC PELLETS  Plec Pellets are specifically designed for feeding Loricariidae species Cha..
Tropical Flakes 15g
TROPICAL FLAKES  Tropical Flakes are carefully prepared with natural ingredients which are per..