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Vertex Alpha 200
Specifications: Tank Size: up to 300 Gallons Footprint: 10" x 18" Height: 23" Base Diame..
Vertex Alpha 250
Specifications: Tank Size: up to 350 Gallons Footprint: 18½" x 13" Height: 24½" Base Dia..
Vertex Alpha 300
Specifications: Tank Size: up to 600 Gallons Footprint: 23½" x 18" or 24" x 16½" or 21" x 18..
Vertex Fluidized Reactor RX-U 1.5
Universal fluidized reactor filter 1.5 litre capacity - depending on media Quality PVC ball va..
Vertex Fluidized Reactor RX-U 2.0
Universal fluidized reactor filter 2.0 litre capacity - depending on media  Quality PVC..
Vertex Fluidized Reactor RX-U 2.5
Removable inner chamber for easy media exchange 2.5 liter capacity depending on media Ball val..
Vertex Omega 130
Specifications: Rated up to 100 gallon capacity Power Consumption: 20 watts Base Dimension..
Vertex Omega 180i
Specifications Tank Size: 92-184 Gallons (350-700 Liter) Power Consumption: ~28W Air Draw:..
Vertex Omega 200i
Specifications: Tank Size: 100-225 Gallons (400-800 Liter) Power Consumption: ~38W Air Dra..
Vertex Pro-Bio Pellets
Simply the simplest pro-biotic filtration 500ml & 1000ml 100 % bio degradable Easy nitr..
Vertex ROX 0.8 Active Carbon
1000ml & 3500ml Highly efficient active carbon Binds effectively and quickly large amounts..